With its QUANTREFY software tool, QUANTREFY GmbH has released an ESG implementation platform with a digital ESG wizard, which additionally draws up automatic recommendations for action and improvement suggestions for real estate. The subsequent implementation process can also be mapped with the solution. The software is thus the first platform worldwide that goes beyond the pure analysis of building data and shows users solutions for improving the ESG performance of their portfolio.

  • Software tool enables real-time calculation of GRESB, ECORE, CRREM and also measures climate risk and tenant satisfaction

  • User also receives suggestions for ESG optimization of the portfolio

The tool provides asset and portfolio managers with concrete optimization suggestions, tailored on the basis of the data on the asset in question. The system is based on AI-powered data analysis that automatically draws intelligent conclusions from the collected building data. QUANTREFY evaluates this data and calculates ESG performance indicators such as GRESB rating, ECORE score and CRREM rating for the client. But climate risk and tenant satisfaction analyses can also be mapped using the tool. QUINN, the digital ESG assistant, is then used to show targeted recommendations for action to optimize the ESG performance of the assets. QUINN works with artificial intelligence and recognizes correlations of the integrated data. Based on the analyzed data, the user receives suggestions for the “Next Steps” – including expected costs, payback and positive climate effects. The subsequent implementation process of the recommended action measures can also be fully mapped with QUANTREFY: The tool suggests service providers for implementation, who can be compared within the software in terms of conditions and customer ratings and commissioned directly. After optimization, the successes are immediately visible in the tool. Extensive reports with text modules, charts and tables can be generated with just a few clicks.

Justus Wiedemann, CEO and founder of QUANTREFY, says: “The real estate industry faces the task of radically reducing its emissions within the next few years. This requires shorter feedback loops of actual ESG performance, faster decision-making for allocating budgets, and fact-based and objective arguments for investments. This is exactly where QUANTREFY comes in. We break new ground with real-time calculated KPIs, data-driven business cases for optimization and the first integrated and independent marketplace for ESG services. In short, QUANTREFY turns ESG strategy into ESG implementation. Data analysis was yesterday, now targeted action is important.”

QUANTREFY stands for intelligent ESG optimization that goes beyond the mere collection of data. The software solution bundles the most important ESG scoring models in one system, delivers corresponding key figures per asset or portfolio and at the same time provides optimization suggestions for improving KPis.

The company, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in April 2021 by Managing Director Justus Wiedemann. Based on his expertise in the development and implementation of ESG strategies, Wiedemann developed the idea of an automated tool that is able to recommend actions based on the available data and enable implementation. QUANTREFY was named a top 100 impact tech company by Tech for IMPACT Map, a collaboration between BUILTWORLD and PwC.