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Make the world a lot more sustainable with us

Buildings account for a whopping 40 percent of global CO2 emissions. With QUANTREFY, you can make an active contribution to drastically reducing these emissions. Because our platform helps the real estate industry make its buildings more sustainable – and thus even more economical. At QUANTREFY, you’re not just working for some tech company. You’re making a tangible difference to climate change every day. So make us even more powerful with your skills now!

The right balance

Young company, proven processes

QUANTREFY is a young company that has quickly found great acceptance in the industry – founded by experts in their field. For you, this brings together the best of both worlds: the freshness, spirit and personal atmosphere of an up-and-coming tech company with an awareness of established structures and processes in the background that make everyday work easier for all of us. Join our young team, learn from your colleagues and, vice versa, enrich us with your expertise. With a large portion of fun at work.

“Everyone in our team can actively shape QUANTREFY with their ideas and actions. So QUANTREFY has also become a personal heart project for every team member so far. That’s what makes the spirit with us so special.”

Justus Wiedemann – Founder & CEO

This job takes you further

Work the way that brings out the best in you

Each of us is different and for almost everyone a different way of working has proven to be particularly fruitful. Grab your seat in our office in Frankfurt a. M., be productive in your home office or wherever works best for you. Use the early morning to tackle the most important tasks or get into top form in the late evening.

We give you maximum freedom (unless you have an important meeting coming up). So that you can bring out the best in yourself. In addition, we support you with active mentoring, exciting advanced training courses and a lively interdisciplinary exchange within the team.

Further benefits of your specific position can be found in our job offers.

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Make the world a little bit more sustainable with us and immortalize yourself with your skills in QUANTREFY. Inspire us with your application and become a valuable part of our great team. Better today than tomorrow – let’s go!

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