The time has finally come:

After many months of intensive development, QUANTREFY is officially available as of today!

It’s time to act and finally realize the sustainability potential in the real estate industry more consistently. With QUANTREFY, you now have the perfect tool to do so – the world’s first ESG optimization platform. The first ESG platform that proactively provides optimization suggestions for your assets and portfolios, calculates KPIs such as ECORE score and GRESB in real time, allows you to commission specialized ESG service providers with just a few clicks, and enables you to achieve a better ESG performance of your assets and portfolios with less effort.

Justus & QUINN present:

QUANTREFY Our CEO and founder Justus Wiedemann and QUINN, your intelligent ESG assistant on QUANTREFY, present the platform to you for the official launch in this video. Have a look.

What’s in Release 1.0 of QUANTREFY?

From day one, QUANTREFY makes your work easier and gives you valuable impulses to increase your ESG performance. These features will change your work forever:

  • Automatic optimization suggestions for your assets
  • Intelligent management of your ESG tasks
  • Comprehensive reports via drag & drop
  • Real-time calculation of ECORE, GRESB & other KPIs

  • ECORE audit directly from QUANTREFY

  • Find & compare ESG service providers

  • Manage the implementation process of optimization measures

  • Important key figures constantly in view

  • Data migration by our in-house team included

And many more revolutionary functions.

Demo dates available now

Starting today, QUANTREFY is just waiting to be fed with the data of your assets and portfolios. Get to know the platform in a demo session and experience for yourself how you can optimize the ESG performance of your assets and portfolios with QUANTREFY.

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QUANTREFY stands for intelligent ESG optimization that goes beyond the mere collection of data. The software solution bundles the most important ESG scoring models in one system, delivers corresponding key figures per asset or portfolio and at the same time provides optimization suggestions for improving KPis.

The company, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in April 2021 by Managing Director Justus Wiedemann. Based on his expertise in the development and implementation of ESG strategies, Wiedemann developed the idea of an automated tool that is able to recommend actions based on the available data and enable implementation. QUANTREFY was named a top 100 impact tech company by Tech for IMPACT Map, a collaboration between BUILTWORLD and PwC.