Your panel for your assets’ ESG performance

Customizable panel

See at first glance the KPIs that tell you the most about the ESG performance of your asset or portfolio. Then, you can easily adjust what you focus on with just a few clicks.

Your intelligent ESG assistant

Do you already know QUINN, your intelligent ESG assistant on QUANTREFY? With its artificial intelligence, QUINN recognizes correlations in your data. It regularly provides you with targeted suggestions for optimizing your assets. And it makes your workday easier in a variety of ways.

The first ESG implementation platform for real estate

Analyzing data alone will not make your asset more sustainable. With QUANTREFY, you start and manage the entire implementation process of targeted optimization measures. More accessible than ever – without media breaks – with just a few clicks.

Your marketplace for ESG expertise



QUANTREFY provides you with the services of specialized companies – our official QUANTREFY ALLIES. These companies have a proven ESG expertise. As a result, it will be unprecedentedly easy for you to compare ESG services in our QUANTREFY Forum.

Costs & ROI


What an optimization measure will cost you and when it will pay off is included in the calculation of your VISIONS right from the start. And it is also clearly presented to you in graphic form. In this way, you can always make well-founded economic decisions with the help of QUANTREFY.

Obtain comparative offers


Save yourself the hassle of researching and contacting different service providers. At QUANTREFY, you can request comparative offers from different ALLIES at the click of a button. And thanks to the clear presentation, the decision becomes straightforward.

Customer reviews


Which specialist company has the experience to implement the optimization on your asset? And what experiences have other QUANTS had with this service provider? Customer reviews help you choose the ideal ALLY for your asset.

Your ESG task management tool

Tasks & Status

See immediately what you still have to do. In the task area on QUANTREFY, you can find the tasks you are working on – and their status. If one of your tasks threatens to fall behind schedule, QUINN warns you and often directly suggests possible solutions.

Assign tasks intelligently

Manage your team’s tasks with minimal effort. QUINN makes intelligent suggestions based on the skills and availability of your team members as to who you should assign which task. Just one click, and your team member knows what to do.

Your automated report generator

No more tedious formulation and preparation of reports for your superiors, investors, or other stakeholders. Now you can do it in just a few clicks.

1. Select the reporting period.

2. Drag and drop KPIs, consumption, optimization measures, and other topics.

3. Have your customized report created automatically.

Coherent texts and descriptive graphics make it understandable even for non-ESG experts what you have achieved on your asset with the help of QUANTREFY.

Simplicity & fun in ESG everyday life

Analyzing data alone will not make your asset more sustainable. With QUANTREFY, you start and manage the entire implementation process of targeted optimization measures. Easier than ever – without media breaks – with just a few clicks.


Collect points, advance level by level, and earn badges for your progress on QUNTREFY. In addition, QUINN rewards you and your team for successful actions on the platform. To do this, we use the latest findings in neuropsychology to maximize your team’s motivation.

Data Migration

Evaluating data is all well and good – but how does the data get into the platform? We take care of it. Use our in-house data migration team for the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of your data on QUANTREFY, thus reducing the time required and process costs of data management in your company.

Data security

Your data is stored exclusively in highly secured data centers with the strictest access controls. We control access to this data by a dedicated role and rights system. In addition, all QUANTREFY employees undergo a thorough security check as part of the hiring process. And we check every single process under our information security management system, which is based on the criteria of ISO/IEC 27001 and designed with maximum data security in mind.

Regular updates

Not only will your assets be optimized regularly from now on, but also QUANTREFY itself. We have many more facilitating functions in mind, which we will implement for you step by step. Together, we will make QUANTREFY an even more powerful tool for your ESG success.