We are ESG enthusiasts, software experts, solution developers.
We are account managers and industry experts.
We are conceptualizers, innovative minds and doers: We are QUANTREFY.

CTO Massimo Feth is the brains behind the QUANTREFY engine, which delivers precise optimization approaches where needed. He was so excited by the idea behind QUANTREFY that he now contributes all his know-how to the intelligent systems for ESG optimization. With many years of experience in healthcare projects, he is our expert for the security of your data. QUANTREFY thus stands up to even the strictest compliance guidelines.

Sebastian Renn is our CSO and supports QUANTREFY with his many years of expertise in the areas of sales and real estate. He is passionate about sales and the operational management of the Data Flow Team and the QUANT Success Team. Thanks to him, we now have a lot of power in the acquisition of new customers and the development of new services.

Justus Wiedemann founded QUANTREFY, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, in April 2021 to take ESG optimization in the real estate industry to the next level. Based on his expertise in the development and implementation of ESG strategies, he developed the idea of an automated tool that is able to recommend actions from the available data while enabling implementation.

QUANTREFY is the world’s first platform that undertakes a real-time calculation of the ESG Scorings GRESB, ECORE and CRREM, analyzes climate risks and tenant satisfaction and provides corresponding optimization suggestions. Including costs, payback and positive climate effects. Our claim: Don’t just watch, do it. Because we don’t have much time left to make our building stock climate-neutral. We can help: Sustainable today, profitable tomorrow.

The 3 pillars of our Corporate Mission


Buildings account for a good third of global CO2 emissions. But in most cases, a lot of CO2 can be saved by simple measures. Our mission is to identify the levers on your assets that have the greatest impact. So that together we can really make a difference.

Value creation

ESG is increasingly impacting market performance, regulatory risk, and the financial returns of your assets. So if you approach ESG the right way, it becomes a tangible competitive advantage for you. We want to focus on those optimization measures that pay off in every way.


The data is there, but many times the consistent implementation of ESG fails due to complicated processes, psychological biases and stressful day-to-day business. That’s why we step up to make ESG implementation as simple as possible. With automation. And with fun.

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