Many ESG service providers we have met don’t lack orders so much as they lack the capacity for the often time-consuming order administration. When they receive orders via QUANTREFY, they can save a lot of this effort.

Because as our ALLY, ESG service providers get access to their own section on our platform. Automation and standardization significantly simplify a number of processes there, such as contracting or the provision of required data. Even large parts of the customer communication are minimized to a few clicks. And in a well-structured dashboard, the implementation partner has an overview of all current jobs received via QUANTREFY at all times.

This means that more jobs can be managed in the same amount of time. Become a QUANTREFY ALLY and benefit from more jobs with less administration.

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QUANTREFY stands for intelligent ESG optimization that goes beyond the mere collection of data. The software solution bundles the most important ESG scoring models in one system, delivers corresponding key figures per asset or portfolio and at the same time provides optimization suggestions for improving KPis.

The company, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in April 2021 by Managing Director Justus Wiedemann. Based on his expertise in the development and implementation of ESG strategies, Wiedemann developed the idea of an automated tool that is able to recommend actions based on the available data and enable implementation. QUANTREFY was named a top 100 impact tech company by Tech for IMPACT Map, a collaboration between BUILTWORLD and PwC.