QUANTREFY gains Veomo Mobility as a partner for mobility services.

Frankfurt, September 30, 2022 – Q, provider of an ESG implementation platform, and VEOMO, the contact for mobility in the real estate industry, have joined forces. VEOMO will offer specially compiled services via the QUANTREFY ESG optimization platform. The service package includes advice on the planning and implementation of mobility offers for existing properties and new buildings, including precise location analyses for planning the mobility offers available at the location (mobility concepts). With the VEOMO Mobility Monitor, the mobility services available at the location can be displayed in real time. The screens installed in buildings provide users with information on the various mobility services in their area at a glance.

Justus Wiedemann, founder and CEO of QUANTREFY: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers another aspect of holistic ESG with VEOMO, our first partner for sustainable mobility concepts. Alternative mobility solutions are crucial for sustainable real estate, as they increase the attractiveness of the properties and support the fulfillment of the high ESG requirements of the industry.”

Dominik Nouri, Managing Director at VEOMO says: “QUANTREFY offers a timely solution to monitor the ESG performance of assets and portfolios and suggest meaningful optimization measures based on this. We are pleased to represent the mobility sector at QUANTREFY and, above all, to demonstrate the influence of mobility on ESG.”


QUANTREFY stands for intelligent ESG optimization that goes beyond the mere collection of data. The software solution bundles the most important ESG scoring models in one system, delivers corresponding key figures per asset or portfolio and at the same time provides optimization suggestions for improving KPis.

The company, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in April 2021 by Managing Director Justus Wiedemann. Based on his expertise in the development and implementation of ESG strategies, Wiedemann developed the idea of an automated tool that is able to recommend actions based on the available data and enable implementation. QUANTREFY was named a top 100 impact tech company by Tech for IMPACT Map, a collaboration between BUILTWORLD and PwC.


Veomo Mobility GmbH (VEOMO) is the market leader for the innovative and sustainable integration of mobility in real estate. Founded in 2018, the company supports its customers in every phase of a property’s life cycle. The focus is on the development and implementation of data-based mobility concepts and software solutions. The aim is to establish the provision of sustainable mobility solutions in buildings and to optimize the construction of parking spaces in the long term. Some of Europe’s largest real estate companies already rely on VEOMO as their central point of contact for mobility. The company is headquartered in Munich.