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QUANTREFY Company News

QUANTREFY Release 1.0 published!

16. November 2021|

The time has finally come: After many months of intensive development, QUANTREFY is officially available as of today! It's time to act and finally realize the sustainability potential in the real estate industry [...]

Full GRESB integration & Global Data Partner from 2022!

11. November 2021|

Great News: GRESB will soon be deeply integrated into QUANTREFY. From 2022, QUANTREFY will be a GRESB Global Data Partner. Among other things, this means for you: Real-time calculation of your current GRESB [...]

First demo of QUANTREFY released

7. September 2021|

Now available: the first demo of QUANTREFY! Finally you can experience by yourself how much ESG power is in QUANTREFY - the world's first ESG implementation platform for real estate. Click through the first [...]

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